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Hi! Welcome to MAL Boutique!

My name is Mallory and I am the proud owner of MAL Boutique. Fun fact - MAL not only stands for my nickname, but M is the first letter of my husband's name and my two daughter's names start with A + L. And, no, that was not at all planned but a pretty neat surprise when I discovered that a few years ago!

This is my first retail business! But not at all my first time in the business world. I have a bachelor's degree in Business Management and have been working full-time for my family's business for 17+ years in the Sales/Project Management field. I also received a lot of experience in the Accounting field as well! About 11 years ago I needed some sort of creative outlet and started my first business in photography! For over a decade I photographed weddings, families, engagements, events, newborns, etc. Then most recently I started a blog where I have been actively posting new outfit ideas and inspirations. I have always loved to shop and love to  follow the trends, so this new endeavour has been a very fun creative outlet for me!

I blame my over-achieving mindset proudly on my parents. I grew up my entire life seeing both my parents open businesses from the ground up. It was so inspiring listening to their dreams and watching them turn into successful businesses. My siblings own their own businesses and we all tend to have that same mindset!

So over the holiday season it dawned on me -- why don't I put my business degree, the 17+ years of experience I have in sales/marketing, my photography skills and my love for fashion to good use and create my own online boutique?! And here we are.. MAL Boutique was created!

Thank you ALL so much for supporting me on this new journey! I have made it my mission to find the absolute best, stylish products I can and sell them at an affordable price to you. I am putting so much blood, sweat and tears into this business and I really hope at the end of the day it shows. Welcome again to MAL Boutique! I am beyond thrilled to have you now apart of my new little community. :)


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